Employee Onboarding Software – FAQs We Get

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This week, we’re taking a quick look at some of the most common questions we’re asked about employee onboarding software. Got your own questions? Contact us at help@nickelled.com!

What is employee onboarding?

Employee onboarding describes the process of integrating newly hired employees into your organization. Oftentimes, your employees’ duties require using custom enterprise software, which they need to learn as quickly as possible. Part of your onboarding process involves getting employees accustomed to that software while also collecting any pertinent personal information for documentation purposes.

What is onboarding employees software?

Employee onboarding software helps you get your new employees acclimated to your company when they’re first starting. Above all, this software ensures that your employees understand the workflows and processes that are critical to their role in your organization. You can do this with a mix of easy-to-follow guided tours and detailed documentation. 

It’s especially important to use employee onboarding software when you have a remote team. That’s because you won’t be able to assist new employees physically and directly like you can in person. The tracking features that employee onboarding software provides will help you quantify a user’s progress to ensure that they are properly trained.

Why do I need employee onboarding software?

Did you know that the average new hire in the United States costs $4,000 and 24 days to find? Onboarding software helps you minimize the cost of finding new employees in the long run. Satisfied employees are willing to stick with you longer. 

Additionally, employee onboarding software helps you boost productivity and retain good employees. If you don’t start employees off on the right foot, you’re putting your company at a significant disadvantage. Given that only 12% of employees say that they enjoyed their onboarding experience, onboarding software is an effective way to make a good first impression.

What should I look for in an employee onboarding software

Here are some features that you may need to look out for when choosing your employee onboarding software:

  • Onboarding tools: You should be able to create guided tours, hotspots, and other sophisticated onboarding content alongside traditional documentation.
  • Segmentation: Different roles require different onboarding flows.
  • Ease of implementation: Some tools require a developer to be implemented. Nickelled is a no-code tool that you can quickly integrate into your software.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to create onboarding flows in different languages like Gengo did for their employees depending on their role and their country. You can track the success of every onboarding tool that you use with our Nickelled analytics insights.

How do I track an onboarding employee?

Track an onboarding employee by checking their completion and satisfaction rates of your onboarding content. You can do this for each process or workflow individually to see where your onboarding process needs improvement. Alternatively, you can track an individual employee to see how well they’re using each of your features and send them relevant documentation in case they need help.

What are the 4 phases of onboarding?

We can identify 4 typical phases of employee onboarding. They are: preparation, initialization, training, and transitioning. 

  1. Preparation is the process of acquiring every relevant form from your employees including background checks and tax forms to complete the onboarding process properly.
  2. Initialization is the process of getting the employee ready to work for your company on their very first day on the job. 
  3. Training is where you distribute onboarding materials to an employee to get them ready for their job during their first days and weeks. 
  4. Finally, transitioning encompasses all the work you need to do with the employee to make them as serviceable as the rest of your team. You can track an employee’s progress in this regard with onboarding software. 

What should an employee onboarding process look like?

Generally speaking, you want your employee onboarding process to reflect the values and overall vision of your company. 

You also want to take into consideration any documentation that your employees must provide including things like tax and insurance forms. 

You also need to include lots of easily accessible onboarding content that educates your employees on how to work for your company. The Nickelled Help Assistant could be an efficient way of doing this.

Make sure you prioritize information that is integral to your employees’ role and always be willing to provide help either through onboarding software or with direct support. Onboarding software will also help you gauge an employee’s progress so you can assist them, and new employees in the future. 

How can I onboard a new employee remotely?

Using Nickelled, or other onboarding software, you’ll be able to train employees to perform the daily tasks required for their role. Since you won’t be with them in person, you can track them remotely with our analytics suite to ensure that they are completing tasks properly and that they’re satisfied with how your tools work. 

You should give employees plenty of recourse to learn more about a specific task or feature of your company by providing them with links to documentation using Nickelled.

What are typical onboarding tasks?

Typical onboarding tasks include orientations and guided tours to help your employees use your enterprise software. They also include verification measures like checking their personal info. However, the specific onboarding tasks your employees perform will vary greatly depending on what kind of company you run. Take a look at our user onboarding software guide to get a better idea of how these tasks should work.