Introducing a New Design for 2020

As of this week, guides created with Nickelled will look better than ever, as we’re rolling out a new design language fit for the new decade.

This update, six months in the works (slowed, regrettably, by the pandemic), introduces a bold new look for Nickelled guides and is designed to make your guide design more discrete, customizable, and – well – pretty.

Gone is the skeuomorphism which characterised the bevelled design of our old step buttons – the new design, by default, uses flat buttons and icons, so it fits better with most modern web design styles.

We’ve also overhauled fonts, making default sizes slightly smaller to better suit modern high-resolution screens, and tweaking size hierarchy to make sure that the content is the first thing that pops.

If you’re using custom colours with your Nickelled guides, you’ll notice that the new step design lends itself far better to different colour combinations – for the first time, you can change the background colour of steps and slides from the user interface (rather than using CSS). New colour selectors mean more granularity too, with content elements such as position indicators, headlines, body text and previous/next buttons all individually customisable for the first time.

Finally, we’re launching new preset colours, a huge departure from the simple colour picker we used to offer.

From the militaristic greens of the “Ranger” theme to the popping orange and yellow hues of “Sunshine”, the new presets are the fastest way to start building out a theme that works for your company, no matter how wacky (or not) your corporate colour scheme is. Companies with negative colour schemes or dark mode theme will love the eye-strain-reducing colours in our “Dark Stranger” preset.

If you’re a Salesforce user, you can select the custom-built “Salesforce” theme, which matches the default Salesforce Lightning interface colours perfectly.

The 2020 guide themes are available now, for all users. While new signups will use the latest themes by default, existing customers will be able to continue using legacy themes for 12 months before we move all clients over to the 2020 guide themes.

To upgrade now, sign into your account, click ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Appearance’ on the right-hand side. You’ll be able to explore the themes and find the combination that suits your business from there.

If you’re using legacy (old) themes and you upgrade, you won’t be able to go back to the old design afterwards. Contact us if you require any further support with this!