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Gumtree was getting tens of thousands of support requests a month… Many of the requests were basic and largely predictable:

  • How do I post an ad?
  • How do I restore an ad?
  • How do I stop email alerts?

Gumtree chose Nickelled, so customers were able to solve their questions online instead of calling in for personal support.

With an 88% customer satisfaction score, customers who were going through guides were rating their support experience around 10% higher compared to other support channels.

That made a significant difference to Gumtree’s own bottom line: they saw a 470% ROI after adding Nickelled guides to their customer support arsenal.

“We love the way Nickelled lets us show users around our site. It took us no time to get up and running.” Luke Todd, Former Head of Customer Operations, Gumtree

Luke Todd, Head of Customer Ops, Gumtree

Luke Todd
Former Head of Customer Operations, Gumtree

Gengo’s Community Manager Lara Fernandez and Head of Translator Operations Shoma Kimura sought a new way to ensure that new members of Gengo’s translation team were up-to-speed as quickly as possible after they signed up as part of the team.

As translators are at the heart of Gengo’s business, Lara and Shoma knew that moving them quickly towards success — their ability to start doing what they love and earning their living — was absolutely critical.

Gengo chose Nickelled.

“Building Nickelled guides was a simple process, which was a relief,” says Lara. 

In the past few months, our percentage of new translators who become active within the first 12 weeks after signing up has increased, eventually reaching our goal of 60%,” says Lara.

“The percentage of new translators who have become active within the first 12 weeks after signup was around 38% in January 2017. For the last couple of months, it fluctuates around our goal number of 60%, meaning that more translators are picking up jobs within a short period after signup.”

Lara Fernandez
Community Manager, Gengo

In 2016, after setting a firm base in its native Denmark, Klubmodul decided to launch a localised version of its service in Germany. Founder and CEO Jesper Weltström knew a change in approach would be required to account for the larger market.

Klubmodul chose Nickelled.

Nickelled’s point-and-click design meant that the task of creating guides could be accomplished without any code changes to the website.

“We now have six team members with active accounts on the Nickelled site, covering various business functions,” Jesper explains. “This means that guides can be created by somebody in product, support or customer success for entirely different purposes, without any friction.”

“Nickelled has helped us to make sure all of our new users can get the most out of without intensive hand-holding from the team – it’s an easy, scalable solution which has helped to boost activation rates significantly.

“Today an agent in the support team can handle 600 clubs. That is just outstanding, just two years ago, an agent would handle only 300 clubs!”

Jesper Weltström
CEO, Klubmodul

No installation required.

No obligation demo. Mobile-friendly booking form.

Decrease time to success for new users by up to 150%

Increase customer feedback ratings by 10%

Double the number of requests your support ninjas can handle


Create Your Product Tours Without Code

Nickelled was made for everybody, not just for techies.

“We found Nickelled whilst looking for a solution to onboard our users without the need for extensive dev work – and we haven’t looked back since!”
Jessica Golding, 60 Seconds

Welcome Your Users Easily Using Nickelled Launchers

Nickelled makes it easy to automatically welcome new users with a product tour when they sign up. Choose from a selection of launch widgets for your site.

“One of the best products I have used in my entire career!”
Matt O., Capterra Reviewer

Improve Product Tours Over Time With Statistics

Nickelled tracks views, completion and satisfaction, and reports everything so that you can make improvements to your website walkthroughs over time.

“It was easy to setup the Nickelled walkthroughs and the pricing was extremely low, especially compared to some immediate competitors.”
Kate Gallagher, K[8] Digital

No installation required.

No obligation demo. Mobile-friendly booking form.

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For more advanced users... $199/mo

For growing businesses that need more product tours. We’ll contact you and offer to upgrade you to this package once you pass 10 tours.

No installation required.

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For large, complex projects... $399/mo

If you’re supporting multiple languages, need enhanced support or just have a lot of product tours to show on your site, this package is for you. Contact us during your trial to request access to this package.

No installation required.

No obligation demo. Mobile-friendly booking form.

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No obligation demo. Mobile-friendly booking form.

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We offer global support from centers in Europe, America and Asia for all clients. Enhanced support policies are available for enterprise clients.

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Nickelled was founded in 2014 and has grown to serve global customers from our headquarters in London and Singapore.

We’re a UK-registered company, headquartered in London.

No! Our subscriptions are monthly.

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After your 14 day free trial, we offer a subsequent 30-day money-back guarantee for all new users. So, you’ll have 44 risk-free days to try Nickelled!

We offer full integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Zendesk, with more partnerships in the works.

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