Top Free & Paid Jira Training Courses

Jira may be used far and wide by agile teams across the globe, but that doesn't mean you can expect everybody on your team to get it on day one. Jira is suited to self-learning, so it's only fair that you give your time the time and resources to get themselves up to speed, which is why we've compiled this overview of the major Jira training courses that offer a reasonable grounding at a decent price.

Let's take a look at the top Jira training courses available online (you may also wish to read our guide to Jira training, which is available here)…

1. Jira training and tutorials

From beginners' basics to advanced techniques, covers everything you'd need to know to get started with Jira. Jira training courses

With 11 online courses and a total of 377 video tutorials, every type of learner can get on board with Jira thanks to their extensive bank of useful content. 

Courses are delivered through the LinkedIn learning platform so by starting Jira training with you'll have free access for a month and following this can either pay $29.99 a month or save with an annual package equating to $24.99 a month. 

Covering a wide range of different aspects of Jira, users can choose to navigate to specific training that they require such as basic administration or start from scratch. 

Various authors narrate the videos giving lots of variety and offerings from different professional backgrounds. 

Verdict: All in all, the Jira training content across is great for any type of audience that wants to get to grips with how to use it. 

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2. Udemy's Jira training 

Udemy is a reputable website offering a huge pool of learning resources and training courses. 

There are several Jira tutorial options across the website, all at varied costs due to offering different types of content covering all specific aspects of the software. 

Once you reach the Jira section of Udemy, there are two options: Most popular and Beginner's favorites. These options allow for easy navigation to the tutorials most relevant to the audience. 

Prices are very good for what you get, with entire Jira project management courses suitable for beginners costing just $17.99. This is great value, considering that the course includes 38 lectures narrated by a top instructor who knows their stuff. 

For specific skills, there is the option to click through options and select options such as "team workflows in Jira". 

Verdict: Most of the content is valuable and at low-end prices. 

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3. Coursera's Jira tutorials And Resources

The course covers everything needed to become a JIRA master from common foundational principles to scrum agile methodologies. 

Consisting of 100% online learning, those enrolled benefit from being able to enter at a beginner level, flexible deadlines and just a time commitment of 11 hours to complete the course. 

The course is structured with video content, reading and quizzes which assess the pupil's understanding of the Jira content they're learning. 

They'll have full access to the software so they can develop practically while carrying out the modules required. 

Coursera Reviews

With a 4.7/5 star review, this course is extremely popular, and has helped 33% of those who've completed it to land a new career using their new skills. 

The great thing about Coursera is its offering of free courses, and this one falls into the free course enrollment category, making it simple to enroll! 

Verdict: Audiences of all abilities can learn agile with Coursera's Jira training. 

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4. Learning Tree International 

Learning Tree International is another gold mine when it comes to offering top-quality course content at extremely low prices. 

The LTI core training course is great for teams who want to get to grips with Jira concepts and reap the benefits of using the software. 

Covering a range of elements including an introduction to issues, collaboration and reporting, those who enroll in this course should be set up to be experts in no time. 

Verdict: The team training course is a great way to get a foot in the door, allowing your team to become even more agile.

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5. Atlassian (the creators of Jira)

Devised and produced by the creators of the software themselves, Atlassian's website offers various guides covering different aspects of how to use Jira. 

From brief overviews of Jira to tutorials that demo on how to use the software for specific processes, there are plenty of rich resources, all of which are free. 

Atlassian's website also benefits from a community of Jira users who discuss the software in detail, flagging up questions and providing community responses. 

There are a bunch of different topics to choose from on the website to get busy with Jira, and all of the content available on the website is free to access and is suitable for all levels from beginners to experts. 

Verdict: With lots of visual aid, Atlassian has made learning the ins and outs of Jira as accessible as possible. 

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Why not get started with Jira training today? 

As you can see, there are tonnes of options when it comes to selecting resources both paid and free of charge. 

We'd recommend you start with Atlassian's University – the creators of the software have tried to make it as easy-to-understand as possible. If you're seeking an intense training course go for the exclusive team option by Learning Tree International. The one day course is sure to set all team members off on the right foot when it comes to mastering the agile software. 

Whatever option you choose, there are multiple ways in which your software team can benefit from using Jira to project manage their workflow and participate in tasks with ease via team workflow. Jira brings together many team working elements to help elevate your ideas to the next level and see them become a reality.

You may also wish to take a free trial of Nickelled, which makes creating process-specific Jira walkthroughs a breeze. See a demonstration of how Nickelled works with Jira or contact us for a demo.